Psyche Q&A

Beware of what you ask for..

I shall ponder...

Anonymous said: Ohoho. You are not liking your arrangement with Eric? Seems so with all the merdes.

It’s odd. Awkward and frankly confusing. He is around so little. I love Blade, but it feels like I see either but rarely recently. I understand why, I know why for Blade and Eric but sometimes that is how things go, you know? Ugh, it sounds like such a huge excuse…

Anonymous said: How do you know Aya and Kev miss Rhys?

[OOC: Please no more asks about this.]

Anonymous said: and Eric, eh?

Uh… yeah. Uh… yeah. Merde… well, I spoke to Blade about it beforehand. It’s hard to ignore… and both… are alright with it, I suppose. I don’t even know what to do with him! Oh, Criss de tabernac

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Anonymous said: You do realize that Jana is not the only one who misses Rhys, yes?

Kev and Aya do as well, I know. I am sorry.

Anonymous said: If you could sleep with anyone in the Breach, who would it be and why...Fuck, do I even need to ask this question?

I am open to any who is willing, mostly. Though there are those I would turn down. :3 Why do you ask?

askharryjpotter said: So, when you expect Avalon will be open for everyone to enjoy?

I will get back to you on that, cara.

Anonymous said: Bet you can't guess who this is.

Hmmm… no. My powers don’t work like that.

Anonymous said: So you an' Aya have problems, Can you two ev'r make up? I bet it'd make ev'rone really happy.

Sometimes people don’t get along, Livewire. For many reasons. I don’t really want to. We antagonize one another and our personalities grate. Sometimes people are like that.

Anonymous said: Hey Psyche, if you had to make another harem, who would you recruit?

Ah, that. It was a bit of a joke… honestly, I don’t really think I would but if I had to… I suppose it would be me, Blade and you, anon!

bozeia said: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Psyche. :3

Hello, Terra!